Leistritz in Synthetic Resin Annual Meeting

Sponsored by The China Synthetic Resin Association, the China Synthetic Resin New Materials Industry Development Conference will be held in Haikou city from November 15 to 17, 2020, and the number of participants will be over 1000.

The meeting in order to "inheriting and constantly striving to grasp the opportunities for innovation and development" as the theme, will invite relevant government departments, a think-tank experts and the industry elite, just after the outbreak era industry faces opportunities and challenges as well as during the period of "difference" industry bright spot, industrial safety and industrial integration, green circular economy in-depth issues such as discussion.

At the general meeting held at the same time, the new constitution of the association will be discussed, the new membership certificate/badge will be issued, and the structure of some chapters will be adjusted and the new chapters will be prepared.In the next step, the association will build a service platform with a new look and provide services directly to the government, the society and all members.With all of you, to write a new chapter in the development of synthetic resin industry.