Job por­tal

Here you can find our cur­rent va­can­cies

Too Sales Engineer

    Job Responsibilities:
    • 1. For CNC cutting tools (blade, milling cutter, tap, drill bit, tool handle and other products), can independently carry out sales work, to solve the customer's manufacturing processing tool selection, technical adjustment needs;
    • 2. Complete the quantified work regularly under the leadership and supervision of the superior to ensure the business success rate is in line with KPI;
    • 3. Develop tool distributors (or high quality machining end users), support and maintain channel relationship;Visit or call channels regularly, provide them with the latest product information and promotion, and hold channel meetings regularly;
    • 4. Develop new customers, maintain existing customers and visit key customers regularly through clear tasks.
    • 5. Conduct regular tool application case training for distributors and users;
    • 6. Conduct product inquiry, technical exchange, order execution, sales contract payment collection and clearing, and regularly check data with financial staff;
    • 7. Coordination of exhibition and marketing activities;
    • 8. Perform other tasks or duties assigned by line manager.

Screw pump sales engineer

    Job Responsibilities:
    • 1. Able to adapt to strong travel intensity;
    • 2. Develop market and potential customers, excavate project information;
    • 3. Actively follow up the project, clearly arrange and manage the project sales plan;
    • 4. Responsible for technical exchange, business and technical negotiation for new projects;
    • 5. Communicate with customers about technology and business content in project communication
    • 6. Ability to organize customer visits and other work;
    • 7. Participate in makeing sales plan and accomplish sales target;
    • 8. Be able to clearly understand the project schedule and situation during the project;
    • 9. Provide high quality service support and maintain good relationship with customers;
    • 10. Complete the relevant work clearly according to the work flow and actively file and file the customer data.

Mechanical Design Engineer

    Job Responsibilities:
    • 1. Have a good at drawing knowledge for machine.
    • 2. Be responsible for part of machines design, analysis and drawing.
    • 3. For drawing to explanation and technological guidance.
    • 4. Be responsible for audit of process drawing, and assist to improve the machine process drawing.
    • 5. According to current technical specification to complete standardized of product drawing.
    • 6. Other duties requested by the supervisor, employee handbook and company management. 

Mechnical Parts Buyer

    Job Responsibilities:
    • 1. In accordance with the CC project of Extrusion and company requirement, looking for suitable supplier. Assess capability for supplier, including matter, delivery capability, quality, price etc.
    • 2. Be responsible for purchase application, creating annual purchase plan, approved by the supervisor then organize implementation.
    • 3.  Place order, control material delivery. Establish the good relationship with suppliers, Insure each purchase task is smooth accomplishment.
    • 4. Supplier development, set up supplier selection and process specification; Price inquiry, comparison, discussion.
    • 5. Supplier development, set up supplier selection and process specification; Price inquiry, comparison, discussion.
    • 6. Be responsible for reviewing and safekeeping purchase files.
    • 7. All other duties requested by the supervisor, employee handbook and company management.