Well de­vel­oped prod­uct port­fo­lio

Leistritz has long been established on the global market in the manufacturing of corotating twin screw extruders. After all, we have been building and optimizing extruders for more than 70 years first for the plastics industry then also for the pharmaceutical and food industries. This is made possible not only by constant innovations and a ready ear for the users’ needs, but also by a dedicated team who bring many years of experience in this field to the table and stand be­hind the product with passion.

The twin screw extruders from Leistritz convince with their compact and well thoughtout construction, effective cooling and heating technology, and high quality and energy efficient drives. Alongside a modular barrel system, Leistritz offers a comprehensive system of various screw elements which offer great options for variation. The optimal layout of the screw geometry for each processing task is the art of our Leistritz process engineers.

Leistritz extruder series